Buying Italian furniture in Sydney? Great choice, quality items from Italy can last for many years and are often handed down as heirlooms over the generations. Italian furniture in Sydney is popular because it has a great reputation for being high quality and standing the test of time. When it comes to purchasing new décor, especially big-ticket items it’s well worth it to invest some time and money into finding a well-crafted piece. Here are some of our top tips and things to keep in mind to help you whilst you’re shopping.


You get what you pay for

When it comes to buying Italian furniture in Sydney it’s worth it consider the price. When it comes to any décor piece price should be your first indicator of quality and authenticity (although not your only indicator as high prices can be misleading). If the price seems very low and way too good to be true, it probably is, even if the piece looks great. Usually, low prices are an indicator that something has been made using poor quality materials or methods. Good quality Italian furniture in Sydney can last for many generations so it is worthwhile to look at it as an investment.


Make sure you know what materials have been used

If you’re looking for quality Italian furniture in Sydney then make sure you familiarise yourself with the materials that have been used in the pieces you’re looking at. You want to seek out good quality timbers or fabrics and avoid materials that are less durable and hardwearing. When it comes to the timber you’ll want to look for woods such as ash, birch, oak, and walnut and avoid cedar and pine. When it comes to fabrics you should think about your lifestyle. Leather can be fantastic in homes with children and pets while cotton, linen, and wool can be great depending on the textures in your living space.


Inspect screws, seams, cushions, and joints

The small details of a décor piece can reveal a lot about its quality. Seams that are obvious or crooked for example are a sign of poor quality, especially if they’re unfinished or messy. Loose screws or joints in décor pieces can also be a sign of poor quality and will mean that a piece is much less likely to last a long time. Poor quality materials and cheap foams in cushions and padding can also be a sign of bad quality and will begin to sag much sooner than other materials and stuffing. Bad quality foams can also be uncomfortable to sit on and may not cushion you well enough from springs.

Test it out

A mistake that a lot of people make before they buy a new décor piece is that they don’t test it out. If you’re buying a bed or a sofa, lay down on it, sit on it see how comfortable it is and whether or not you can get up and down from it easily. If you’re buying a table check out whether or not you can comfortably eat at it or whether it’s good for your height. If you’re looking at other items like a TV cabinet, consider your space and have a think about whether or not it’s really the best piece to perform the function you need it to perform.


Make sure it’s authentic

Sometimes manufacturers can get a bit cheeky with the way they name things, so the Italian furniture in Sydney that your buying that you think is from Italy might actually not be. Research your purchases closely and consider if everything you’re being told about it is the truth.



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